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ISBN 10: 1466303584  ISBN 13: 9781466303584

The 'Thousand Years War,' between the nature worshiping Abrhaani species, and the warlike Eniila has ended. While they fought each other, the ancient evil Nethera gained strength. Soon the Nethera will unleash their secret plan. They will ignite a new conflict, enslave both species, and transform Aarda into a living hell.

Rehaak, the Abrhaani Scholar, on a quest for knowledge, exiled as a Heretic, will face the Nethera alone if he can't find allies.

Laakea, a young Eniila Warrior, is marked for death. While fleeing for his life, he uncovers a mystery. He and Rehaak must rise above centuries of hatred and solve the puzzle to stop the Nethera.

Isil, an older Abrhaani woman, has suffered a horrific loss and escaped abuse. Life has left her scarred in body and spirit. She must bind the outcasts together and combine their skills to defeat the demonic Nethera.

Their wish to find their purpose and save Khel Braah's inhabitants links these outcasts. It thrusts them into conflict with corrupt leaders and deadly enemies.


About the series:

Schultz has built a culturally diverse world full of adventure, magic, and political intrigue in his series, The Songs of Aarda. Complex stories of friendship and heroism are woven throughout overarching plots and detailed subplots with the background of a world so real, you will feel as if you’re watching a movie.

Christie Stratos, author of the Dark Victoriana Collection


ISBN-10: 1040717894  ISBN-13: 9781040717894


The demonic Nethera plan to feed on Aarda’s inhabitants and Odium’s assassins are closing in on Rehaak, the heretic. Should he abandon his quest for the Aetheriad before it costs his friends their lives?

Laakea, the young warrior, has created weapons proven effective against the Nethera and Odium, but he lies in a coma, unable to use them.

Isil, the healer loves Laakea like a son, but fears for his life.

On the far side of Aarda, two young Sokai, have discovered the trio’s predicament. They want to help, but the Synod Council condemns them for their prophetic dreams. The lone exception, Councilor Eideron, is old, frail, and has lost influence in the Synod.

If Eideron can unlock the youngster’s potent abilities and survive a dangerous journey to Baradon, they could help Rehaak or die trying.

About Overture:

The second book in The Songs of Aarda introduces even more new and interesting characters as well as exciting landscapes and suspenseful plots. Schultz continues his vivid worldbuilding in a crescendo of action and intrigue that will leave you breathless for the next novel in the series.

Christie Stratos, author of the Dark Victoriana Collection


ISBN-10:  ISBN-13:

Released on June 1, 2021

Rehaak the Heretic has finally accepted his calling as a Prophet. Isil, Laakea, and the people of New Hope and Dun Dale have rallied around him. Even the mighty Aethera added their support against their ancient enemies, the Nethera.


Three young Sokai, Aibhera, Kyonna and Simea brought knowledge of long forgotten abilities from the Sokai refuge in Abalon. It might be enough to turn the tide and stop the Nethera and their followers from destroying Aarda? The six outcasts now understand why S’ek’zekaar plans to destroy all the followers of The Old Way.


Despite the advances, there’s still one problem. The Nethera are gaining strength on the Island of Khel Braah and gathering followers in Baradon, the Eniila homeland. The Evil Ones have a new strategy that involves Laakea’s father Aelfric.


Even with the extra help, Rehaak and his friends are still hopelessly outnumbered. Will their determination be enough to turn the tide of destruction? The quest seems to require a dangerous journey to Narragan, and then on to Baradon where civil war threatens to erupt. The bloodthirsty Eniila are unlikely to tolerate strangers in their land.


ISBN-10:  ISBN-13:

Release date to be announced in 2022

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