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      I have always loved the written and  word and cannot remember a time before I began putting stories on paper. Because I learned to read early I fell deeply and passionately in love with writing. Stories had such a powerful influence on my life that I wanted to tell my own.

      I grew up  a few farms away from the middle of nowhere. There was no library and no TV. Books came, magically, in the mail once a month. In those precious packages, I could touch the outside world and experience fantastic adventures. I wanted to share that experience with other people; enable them to live outside themselves for a few hours or days. Since I love the sounds of words strung together I wrote a lot of poetry over the years.

             One of the beauties of writing is that writing is accessible to anyone with a pen, paper and the desire to create. Writing requires no instrument, recording studio, camera, or equipment. The only prerequisites for writing are an imagination and those two primitive implements. Because poems and stories are such primal forms of creativity, they connect to every part of the human being, body, soul and spirit. Stories hold the power to change minds, transform hearts and lift spirits.

      Stories can take you to places you have never been and transport you to worlds that will never be. Stories are magic captured on paper.

      I love to read, watch movies and work on disparate projects because I am a skill and information junkie. My favorite projects challenge me to learn a new skill or absorb new information. I develop a mania about something, pursue it, and master it, then I'm on to the next thing. I learn most things that way. My curiosity is boundless. Today I may learn how to make soap from fat or build a set of kitchen cabinets.

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